Silver Crown's superb quality, outstandingly designed bridlery, and our own new top-quality Freeflex bridles featuring our revolutionary patent-pending design  

More about Silver Crown bridlery and Freeflex bridles

Note on Silver Crown bridles

The core Silver Crown bridle range follows a "Mix & Match" concept, offering a wide selection of headpieces, nosebands and reins that can be chosen separately to ‘build’ the perfect bridle for your needs and sizing. Create your custom bridle by combining any headpiece, noseband and - if required - reins using the "Build your own bridle" in the 'Bridles & doubles' section, or shop for individual additions in "Bridle parts & reins".

Silver Crown's specialist Dressage & Fine bridles and Doubles are offered complete and are listed separately in "Bridles & doubles bridles".

As the retailer who originally introduced Silver Crown to the UK we have unparalleled knowledge of the range and experience fitting their bridles to a large range of horses. We encourage you to email us at for advice when choosing your size, headpiece, and noseband, ideally attaching  side-on photo of your horse's head.  

Note on Freeflex bridles 

Freeflex bridles are sold as a complete bridle, but alternative nosebands can also be purchased separately.  Matching reins are available separately.  A breastplate and Martingale are also currently being developed.       

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