Freedom Feeder slow-feed hay travel/mini size


The original revolutionary 'slow feed' hay net, where the horse grazes the hay the natural way
(See this article for further explanation of slow feeding and its benefits)


Why we chose it:  

  • Healthier: Helps avoid problems such as cribbing, colic and ulcers that can occur when horses are regularly left without food.
  • Easy to use: Freedom Feeders are easier than normal hay nets to fill and close up, they have a built-in carabinier clip for attachment.
  • Safe: The carabinier clip is designed to break under major strain - e.g. if the horse becomes entangled in the net    

    This travel/mini size is designed to hold 6-8 hours of hay or haylage for the average horse. See the larger sizes under "related products" below, including the Extended Day size which provides 24 hour cover.


    "I use the Freedom Feeders and love them. They seem to last about two years of daily abuse for me."
    Forum post on Chronicle of the Horse, Sept 2014

    Mesh size options: Our standard stocked Freedom Feeders come with 1.5" square holes, which is the optimum size for most horses' needs. We can also supply them to special order with larger 2" holes (typically for very large horses needing a higher rate of feed) or smaller 1" holes (typically for ponies under 10hh or laminitics that need more restricted feeding).  With the smaller 1" holes the horse should first have been trained on restricted feeding with 1.5" holes and then graduated to 1".     


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