About Majyk Equipe protective boots

Majyk Equipe are a relatively new business based in California. They take a strongly technical approach to the design of their protective boots, based on the owner's long experience as a horse owner and working in the sporting goods industry. Using advanced materials and innovative designs they achieve some of the most protective (proven through independent test results) and durable boots on the market.


What makes them special

All Majyk boots incorporate careful design, the best available materials and some unique technologies:

  • Highly robust shell materials:  All Majyk's boots except the jump boots are constructed of BASF brand TPU mesh, a virtually un-tearable material. Also, though covered in small holes to make it breathable, the TPU mesh will not hold water. The jump boot shell is of solid BASF brand TPU which also makes it extremely robustMajyk X-country boot 
  • Carefully engineered strike zones: 
> the x-country boots incorporate a flexible strike guard that conforms to the leg and won't shatter, yet provides excellent protection
> in the jump boot the TPU shell incorporates an air-filled cavity that absorbs shock in a manner similar to a car air bag
> the overreach boots incorporate a kevlar strike zone
In addition, Majyk's latest boots incorporate Arti-lage foam, a special foam that hardens when struck, dispersing the energy and providing even better protection.  See the video below for a great demonstration of its effectiveness.


  • Comfortable, non-slip designs:  
> the x-country boots have a conical cut designed to wrap neatly around the leg and not slip
> the jump boots have special memory foam liners that conform to the horse's leg and don't harden in cold weather
> the overreach boots have a special 'no-turn' notch to keep the boots aligned
> all Majyk boots are carefully designed to breathe and discourage heat build-up over the joints  

      Independently tested

      Majyk Equipe have submitted their jump boots for testing by an independent laboratory, measuring their ability to absorb shock vs. two other well-respected brands. Here are the results of these tests, in which the Majyk boots proved to be 40% more effective than the two competitor models. 


      The range

      Majyk's range includes jump, cross-country and overreach boots. Dressage boots are in development and should be available shortly. 


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