About Ogilvy saddlecloths

Ogilvy produce some of the best half pads and saddlecloths around, using meticulous design and advanced textile technologies. 


What makes them special

  • V-shaped cut:  Central to Ogilvy 's range is their unique v-shaped cut, painstakingly developed with the aim of releasing pressure from the wither, while stabilizing the saddlecloth so it sits perfectly at the base of the withers. This special shape provides awesome stability, while also helping prevent friction and rubbing. The saddlecloth clears the wither so exerts no pressure on it, but at the same time doesn't collapse as with many hi-wither pads  
  • Ogilvy anti-slip finishAnti-slip underside:  All Ogilvy saddlecloths feature a unique anti-slip finish on their underside, which is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. This is NOT rubberised or similar, just a very clever brushing of the poly-cotton surface to provide amazing "stickiness"
  • Hollow-fill padding: Use of thin and lightweight materials, with hollow-fill rather than foam-based padding, ensures excellent breathability and strong wicking of moisture away from the horse
  • Friction free layer: The top-end version of Ogilvy's saddlecloths incorporates a 'friction free' layer under the saddle. This unique Ogilvy technology consists of several layers of anti-friction and shock-absorbing material that slide against each-other, allowing the horse to move more freely under the saddle as well as adding an extra layer of cushioning


The range

Ogilvy Equestrian's saddlecloths are now one of the leading brands in Canada and come in three levels:

  • Baby Pad: Ogilvy's entry-level product, one size and with (for the jump version) less drop than the other models. Comes in jump and dressage versions  
  • Profile Pad: Ogilvy's mainstream saddlecloth. Comes in jump, x-country and dressage versions and in three sizes
  • Friction-free Pad: as per the Profile Pad but with Ogilvy's unique 'friction-free' layer built into the saddle area. Particularly useful for horses with big movements, with sensitive skins or with rubbing problems


Product care

All Ogilvy saddlecloths are machine-washable and can be tumble-dried: they come back looking like new time after time. See our product care guide.


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