Reviews: Majyk Equipe x-country boots

"These lightweight boots have a flexible strike pad which is great as it is really strong yet it bends around the leg to give a great fit.The liner is soft — ideal for horses with sensitive skin — and it has holes in it to allow heat to escape but it doesn’t absorb water which would make the boots heavy. They stayed in place thanks to strong Velcro straps.They come up like new when washed. Definitely a good boot worth having. I love them.”
Caroline Mosley, Tried & Tested review in Eventing (see product image gallery)


“A simple design, easy to use with brilliant technology which in my opinion puts them a step ahead of any other designs I've used. Practical, functional and safe, everything you need in a xc boot”
Jess Butler, 3-star event rider


"I can tell you that through personal experience every claim they make is absolutely true and functions exactly the way they say it does. Then to feel them. They are lined with a butter soft memory foam material that is soft on the skin and conforms to the body. They have ventilation holes with the outer material being strong but with a honey comb shaped hole design through out that makes them extemely ventialted. Not holding heat, perfect! These boots have exceeded my expectations. After all of my use I must say that I would absolutely purchase them again. I am sold on them. I cannot say one thing negative about them. They protect where I have needed them to protect. They are light weight. Extremely ventilated. Not bulky at all. Form fitting. They absolutely do not hold water - I mean I have soaked them in a bucket of water and besides dripping water off the exterior they did not soak up any water. The durability is fantastic I cannot see any apparent wear on them. The fact that I can throw them in the washing machine is just bonus! 

So if you are in the market for new XC boots or are unhappy with the pair you own then I 100% recommend Majyk Equipe boots! "
Amy, blog post reviewing a 4 month trial of Majyk's X-country boots.  Read the full post here 


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