Reviews: Ogilvy saddlecloths

"This is one of our tack room essentials - It features a quick dry, anti-bacterial lining that sits against the horse's skin and it has a hollow layer sandwiched between which again wicks away sweat away from the horse - a smart efficient saddle pad, that we use all year around"
Maria & Michael Eilberg, international Dressage Riders


"I thought I would take a moment to give you some feedback on my new Ogilvy Friction Free Pad. It is AMAZING! .... It is so well made, so soft, so comfortable for the horse.... I just love it. It is LUSH. Coco does too. I haven’t washed it yet but if it is anything as good as my other Ogilvy pad, it will wash like a dream every time... I can’t thank you enough for being so clever in finding this product and bringing it to the UK. Love, Love, Love is an understatement!
LS, show and on-line customer


"This pad is a good shape and the different sizing on offer is useful fr horses that are long or short in the back.  It doesn't slip or rub my sensitive horse"
Imogen Murray, Tried & Tested review in Eventing magazine 


"I really like my ogilvy baby pads!  I have a high withered tb so the 'v' shaped top helps keep any pressure from her withers. I have a jump cut one and a dressage one. Grooming stone used on the back of them keeps them clean and nice and 'sticky'"
Baydame, Horse & Hound Forum


"Love their saddle pads. They are a wonderful shape and fit and stay in place well. Very easy to wash and wears well. I highly recommend."
"I have just been introduced to their saddle pads and they are superb! They are meticulously made and, very important for me, they are well-shaped so they give lots of room for the withers."

shoerbv & Barbara_F posting on Equestrian Management Group forum ( 


"I think that these baby pads are definitely on the expensive side but seem totally worth it. Shaped spine, reduced slipping, and easier to wash? Count me in!"
Hillary's review of the Ogilvy Baby Pad on her blog.  See full review here 


"I love Ogilvy's pads - I introduced them to our barn a while ago and within a couple of months everyone had switched their pads for Ogilvy ones"
Canadian visitor to our Olympia trade stand


See Ogilvy's saddlecloth range here

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