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"I bought a few safety T-Ties mainly because I thought they would look much neater on my trailer and be an easy way to secure a hay net etc when out and about. All of that is true, however today I took my young mare to a clinic and tied her to my trailer. She was great until suddenly a rug from the trailer next to me "developed wings" and jumped spooking my girl. She leapt and the tie held initially then gave and she was free to look at the monster. I simply put the tie back on the trailer and she was secure again. So much better than the pull, pull, and then a break that you usually get from bailer twine. The timing of the give in the tie doesn't teach the horse to pull back. A great product and one I won't leave home without now."

"Very impressed. Holds better than bailer twine, but breaks apart when needed. Also great as you can move it from spot to spot, and looks better than bailer twine too!"

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"These are a great thing to have anywhere you tie a horse up! My granddaughter's mini got himself into trouble when tied up the other day and pulled back in fright with his lead rope getting caught in a potentially dangerous position as a result. The quick release safety mechanism of the safe-t-tie did just what it was designed to do and the pony was freed without injury. We use them around the stables, in the trailer....anywhere we need to tie up."
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" I got one of these a few months ago and thought it sounded like a good idea, so I affixed it to the hook near my tack room where I usually tie my horse when I saddle him. This horse is a bolter and sure enough, he decided to haul back one day while tied with the Safe-T-Tie. NO drama -- just a release of the tie. In fact he was so surprised that it let go that he just stood there instead of freaking out. In the past I've had pulled out hooks and broken lead ropes."
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