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Majyk Equipe Colour Elite Series cross-country hind boots

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Majyk's latest iteration of their superb X-country/event boots, adding further protection & features to their already great Boyd Martin classic XC boots: plus four vibrant colour options as well as all black!  

Why we chose them

  • Robust:  All-new outer shell with outer layer bonded to a breathable coloured inner mesh, both made of advanced, German-engineered extremely robust TPU.  Double-stitched edges with genuine Velcro straps 
  • Excellent protection: Four-way flexible TPU strike guard won't shatter; provides excellent tendon protection while remaining flexible and breathable during normal riding.  Further protection from  new ARTi-LAGE dilatant foam inside the boot liner which hardens when struck to disperse the energy but otherwise remains flexible.
  • Breathable: Designed to keep the legs cool with total breathability, including around the tendon area       
  • Flexible: All components of the boot are fully flexible to allow freedom of leg motion  
  • Won't slip:  Revolutionary conical shape, along with advanced proprietary neoprene-free bio-foam inner lining, conforms to the leg and shouldn't slip even when wet
  • Water, grit & sand resistant: Lightweight shell, though breathable, won't hold water. A built-in screen prevents entry of sand and grit.
  • Easy care: New "Forever clean" breathable coating resists dirt & mud, and helps it wash it when cleaned

See this video that shows the shock-absorbing action of the Arti-lage foam liner



"These lightweight boots have a flexible strike pad which is great as it is really strong yet it bends around the leg to give a great fit. The liner is soft — ideal for horses with sensitive skin — and it has holes in it to allow heat to escape but it doesn’t absorb water which would make the boots heavy. They stayed in place thanks to strong Velcro straps. They come up like new when washed. Definitely a good boot worth having. I love them.”
Caroline Mosley, Tried & Tested review in Eventing Magazine (see product images) reviewing the previous generation classic XC boot 



Medium size will generally fit horses 16.1-17.1hh


Please note that, in order to protect the "ForeverClean" finish on these boots, Majyk recommend only gently  hand washing them to avoid rubbing off the coating.

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