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Majyk Equipe overreach boots

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Overreach boots that just keep going and provide excellent comfort and protection.  

Why we chose them
  • Last & last: Extremely robust with German-engineered rip-stop TPU mesh, water resistant but breathable
  • Excellent protection: Kevlar strike zone built into body, coupled with 'no turn' notches to ensure boots stay put 
  • Comfortable: Anti-fungal/anti-bacterial non-neoprene bio-foam inner lining breathes and won't hold water
  • Practical:  Lightweight, dirt & mud wash off easily. 

“The over-reach boots really have an excellent no turn design, made of light weight durable material that lasts”
Jess Butler, 3-star event rider 



Size: Medium size generally fits horses 15-16.1h (assuming typical hoof size), Large generally fits 16.2 - 17h
Colour: Only available in white

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