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Majyk Equipe overreach boots


Overreach boots that just keep going and provide excellent comfort and protection.  New model now incorporates Majyk's new Elite series "forever clean" coating and enhanced strike zone protection 

Why we chose them
  • Last & last: Extremely robust with German-engineered rip-stop TPU mesh, water resistant but breathable
  • Excellent protection: Kevlar strike zone built into body, coupled with 'no turn' notches to ensure boots stay put 
  • Comfortable: Anti-fungal/anti-bacterial non-neoprene bio-foam inner lining breathes and won't hold water
  • Practical:  Lightweight, dirt & mud wash off easily. 

“The over-reach boots really have an excellent no turn design, made of light weight durable material that lasts”
Jess Butler, 3-star event rider 



Size: Medium size generally fits horses 15-16.1h (assuming typical hoof size), Large generally fits 16.2 - 17h
Colour: Only available in white

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