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Ogilvy GP/jump Baby Pad

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A high-withered saddlecloth of ultimate quality: combines stability, comfort, breathability & washability.

Basic version of Ogilvy's mainstream Profile pad: same construction but with less drop and with no piping. Comes only in regular size.  `

Why we chose it:

  • Quality:  Made in Canada by local seamstresses, stays in good shape through years of use
  • Stability:  Provides an exceptionally stable ride - beautifully shaped with an open hi-withered design, brilliant brushed poly-cotton anti-slip lining.  Suitable for all shapes of horses 
  • Comfort:  Exceptionally soft, stable lining - thin and lightweight, moulds to the horse's shape  
  • Breathability:  Special high-performance hollow core fill, breathable outer and liner reduces sweat build-up     
  • Washability:  Anti-bacterial/anti-fungal lining discourages skin issues, easy-care colour-fast fabrics 

" This is one of our tack room essentials - .....wicks away sweat from the horse - a smart efficient saddle pad that we use all year round" Michael & Maria Eilberg, top international Dressage riders


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