About Freeflex bridles

Freeflex bridles combine a revolutionary patent pending design made to our own specifications and the highest quality available. They are based on our years of experience with riding and fitting bridles, and are true to our values for all Shadow Horse products:

  • Innovative,
  • Delivering outstanding performance and comfort
  • Made with top quality materials and craftsmanship

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These bridles have been extensively tested in use over the past two years, and have been carefully examined and approved by the FEI for training and competition use in Dressage, Eventing and Showjumping.  Approval has also been obtained from the related UK equestrian bodies,and is being sought from the appropriate bodies in the main European markets and the US. Made in the UK using materials from carefully selected sources every bridle is hand crafted and checked.

    What makes them special

    • Revolutionary headpiece design: Developed and extensively tested over a three year period, our patent pending headpiece is designed to provide a custom fit every ride and far more flexibility than any other headpiece being  based on a loop of strong yet soft, padded leather joined to the cut-back side pieces via a pair of D-rings.  Most headpieces are made of a single strip of leather and - even with a "comfort" headpiece - any particular headpiece will fit some horses' head shapes but not others, the horse also changes shape with training and maturity. The flexibility of the Freeflex headpiece allows it to self-adapt to pretty much any head shape every ride, ensuring a perfect fit both when stationary and in motion.
    • Independent movement: The other key remarkable benefit of the Freeflex headpiece design is it’s independent movement from one side to the other. With any other bridle, when a contact is taken on one rein a twist occurs across the top of the headpiece, creating a twisting action on the nuchal ligament and twisting the opposite side into the base of the ear and TMJ. The D-rings and soft loop on the Freeflex headpiece eliminate the twist entirely giving greater relaxation and improved communication with the horse.      
    • Comfort: Not just the headpiece but all aspects of the Freeflex bridle have been designed with the comfort of the horse in mind. Carefully selected padding is used on any point that might create pressure or rubbing, and the design takes account of the anatomy of a horse's head, the position of the nerves, vascular system and major lymph nodes.
    • Quality:  Great care has been taken to select the highest-quality ingredients we can find for Freeflex bridles, irrespective of cost:
      • The best vegetable-tanned leather we can source, mainly from UK tanneries or exceptional leather from the Continent. 
      • Sprenger hardware, in High strength German Silver - a more expensive option which has the same strength and corrosion-free characteristics as Stainless steel, but less sharp edges to reduce rubbing and a warmer tone.
      • Hand-craftsmanship from one of the best bridle makers in Wallsall, the home of saddlery in the UK      

      The range

      The Freeflex range comes with four nosebands - cavesson or crank cavesson, both with a removeable flash, grackle, and drop.  In addition there is a double with a crank cavesson. All models come in cob and full sizes, and in black or dark havana.  

      Because we make these bridles ourselves, we have greater flexibility that normal to "mix & match" parts of different sizes or even make custom parts, where necessary.

      The nosebands are available separately where a different noseband is needed for different horses or disciplines.  Matching reins and a breastplate and martingale are also in development. 

      All these aspects bring together the core features of Freeflex: Freedom, Movement and Connection.


      As with many of our products, tester versions of the Freeflex bridle are available for customers to "try before you buy".  See the "Freeflex testers" product on the Freeflex brand page for details. 

      Patent protection

      The Freeflex design and trade mark are covered by extensive patent applications and IP registrations. See here for details


      See the complete Freeflex range here 

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