Dressage collection

A collection of our saddle pads, horse boots and bridles appropriate to dressage
43 results
Fleeceworks bamboo pad, dressage
Fleeceworks FXK dressage half pad with plain edge
Fleeceworks FXK dressage half pad with rolled edge
Fleeceworks Therawool classic half pad
Fleeceworks dressage girth cover
Fleeceworks Therawool dressage square pad
Fleeceworks Therawool Perfect Balance half pad
Fleeceworks ultra-thin dressage pad
Flex-On Green Composite stirrups
From £159.00 £179.00
SC Liberty Pro breastplate
Silver Crown cavesson noseband
Silver crown Comporta headpiece
Silver Crown double-faced reins
Silver Crown dressage bridle
Silver Crown dressage double bridle
Silver Crown drop noseband
Silver Crown Estoril headpiece
Silver Crown fine bridle
Silver Crown flash noseband
Silver Crown flash-US noseband
Silver Crown flexible reins
Silver Crown breastplate
Silver Crown La Baule headpiece
SC La Baule v.2 headpiece
Silver Crown rolled flash noseband
43 results