Silver Crown fine bridle


Top quality fine bridle designed for horses with delicate features.

Comes complete as headpiece and cavesson noseband, add reins separately

Dressage legal, may be just right as a showing bridle


Why we chose it:

  • Top quality: Superbly crafted with J.E. Sedgewicks English leather and stainless steel fittings
  • Beautiful: Delicate, with minimal stitching and buckles to give the ultimate streamlined appearance
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      "I have a Silver Crown bridle from Shadow Horse. Its the best bridle I have ever come across"
      "Wench" on the Horse & Hound forum



      Size & colours: Comes only in cob/full, and in black w/black or nut w/nut stitching

      Reins: Add reins separately if required


      Sizing & fit guide