How we select and test

We regularly travel to the U.S. and the Continent looking for top-quality products that aren't available in the UK, from innovative brands that have a good reputation in their own countries. We like to work with smaller companies run by horse people who are passionate about developing great equestrian products. When we find something we like we bring back samples to test.

We rigorously test new products by subjecting them to everyday, real-world use and abuse for at least two months, either on our yard or with the professional riders affiliated with us. The testing we do is tailored to the type of product: rugs might be tested by using them on our own rug-destroying horses for a season, horse boots given to a couple of professional riders we work with to use on their yards and in competitions to give their feedback.

Our standards

Our testing is basically designed to evaluate the product against our core standards:

  • Quality - in materials and manufacture 
  • Fit – equine comfort is important to us
  • Resilience – products that will last and last
  • Performance - products that really make a difference

We also try out products where appropriate on horses with sensitive skins, special problems and individual quirks to see if they can help in those situations. This experience helps us advise customers on the products’ use and applicability.

Through this testing, and by rejecting products that don’t meet our high standards, we are able to confidently recommend every item we sell. Our confidence is also constantly reinforced by customer feedback and magazine tried-and-tested reviews.