New horse checklist

Congratulations on your new horse. Here are a few things he or she is going to need (we’ll use “he” from now on for simplicity's sake). You’ll also find mentions of relevant products that we sell. We know we’re biased - we just really believe our products are special, and so do many of our customers

Please contact us if you need any help, no question is too silly

On the way home and his first day and night

  • Headcollar and lead rope - you'll need to ask the person who had him before what size headcollar he needs
The breakaway strap adds safety when travelling
- You can turn him out in it safely, helping you catch him while he settles in.
- He’s safer when tied up in case he spooks at something.
- If the leather snaps you can easily and cheaply replace it with another piece
    • A rug or sheet - you’ll need to check what he’s currently wearing both in warmth weight (lightweight, medium weight, or heavyweight - and in size)

    In summer: our protective sheet is amazing for travelling and wearing day and night. It protects against biting insects and sun damage and should be all you need

    In winter: choose a strong fully breathable turnout rug, Our Platinum rugs are amazing and cope with most temperatures– check what weight he's in currently

    (See our summer and winter rug range here).   

    • Feed bucket, hay net

    To help keep your horse healthy, look at our Freedom Feeder slow feed hay nets.  The Extended Day size only needs refilling once a day 

    • Grooming kit

    Have look at our super all-natural Winner's Circle grooming brushes - there's one specially designed for every need!

      When you first start riding him

      • Bridle & reins - again you’ll need to check his size; horse's heads vary quite a lot, so if you're unsure take measurements - see our Silver Crown bridles sizing guide
      Silver Crown bridles are amazingly flexible in their sizing and will last you a long time, so give them a shot
        • Saddle – you’ll want to get a qualified saddle fitter out to fit a saddle to him. Even if he came with a saddle, please get it checked before you start to ride in it just in case
        • Saddlecloth – find out what the horse is used to. Make sure any pads you choose are fully breathable
        - Our Fleeceworks saddlecloths are brilliant - high-wither, wicking, and easy-care
        If he’s more comfortable with wool under the saddle look at our Therawool square pads
        - If he rubs check out our Ogilvy Friction Free pads (see both types of Ogilvy saddlecloth here)
            • Girth (again you’ll need measurements)

            We strongly recommend our TSF Shoulder Relief girths, particularly for long-backed horses 

            • Stirrup Irons & leathers
            You may want to look at our Flex-on stirrup range
            • Bit – find out what bit they were using on him and buy it. Wait a while before changing it if you can, as he has enough changes to contest with as it is
            • You may want to consider a pair of boots in case he knocks into himself in those early days of your relationship (see our Majyk range - contact us for advice on the choice of boots, depending on what he'll be doing)