Sizing & fit: Silver Crown bridles

Silver Crown sizing

Silver Crown's sizing is a little different from traditional English bridle sizing. This is due to their realisation that with modern breeding greater adjustability is needed and horse head sizes have changed

Translated into traditional English sizes, Silver Crown products typically fit the following ranges

  • Cob/full size:  Fits mid-cob to around ¾ of the way up full, but NOT the top end of full nor extra-full
  • Pony/cob size: Fits mid-pony to a bit above mid-cob

Not all Silver Crown products are available in Pony/cob size: for a complete list of those that are, see our Pony collection

The simplest way to judge your sizing is via the settings on your current bridle.  If, for example, you have a full-size bridle with the straps done to medium or short settings, then Silver Crown's Cob/full size will be perfect.  Given the adjustability of Silver Crown's bridles we seldom have problems with getting the right fit, except where a horse's head is simply too big: if you have a full-size bridle and the straps are set at their longest settings (i.e. using the holes nearest the end of the strap), or if you use an extra-full bridle, then the chances are a Silver Crown bridle won't fit.  


Measuring for a bridle

If in doubt about what size will be right for your horse, email us. Please take and include measurements per the picture below, and we should be able advise you.

Br idle measurement diagram  



Choosing your headpiece

Silver Crown offers several headpieces depending partly on preference but also the shape of the horse's head.  We offer the La Baule and Comporta as our mainstream headpieces, but also offer the Arezzo and Doha to fit specific horse head-shapes and address specific needs. As Silver Crown's original and still main UK retailer we have several years' experience fitting Silver Crown bridles to a large variety of horses - we strongly `encourage you to consult us as part of choosing your headpiece

For guidance on your choice of headpiece, email us at attaching a picture of your horse's head from the side - we should be able to offer help based on this.  If necessary, we may also be able to send you a tester of one of the headpiece models (including the "special order" ones) so you can check the fit yourself before buying (see "How we can help")