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Here's an overview of the brands we carry. They all have a common theme:

  • Like us, they're independent family businesses run by horse people who care passionately about what they do
  • Each focuses on producing products that excel in their chosen category
  • They share our core values: honest trading, product excellence, and the well-being & comfort of the horse    

Braideez: Plaiting wire

BraideezBraideez is an innovative application of Twisteez wire, a long-established U.S. craft product made from non-toxic plastic-covered copper wire. The founders' daughter, who now runs the family business, is a keen dressage rider. She realized the wire could be used to assist in plaiting ('braiding' in the US), providing a better solution than traditional thread and rubber bands.

This brilliant innovation has since stormed through the US equestrian world, and we're delighted to have brought them to the UK.

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Fenwick Equestrian: Stylish equestrian gear from smart fabrics

Fenwick Liquid Titanium therapeutic sheet Fenwick Equestrian is dedicated to designing and producing high quality horse clothing that is both stylish and high-performing. Fenwick focuses on 'smart' fabrics such as bamboo, equisuede, and liquid titanium specially chosen for their unique properties

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Fleeceworks: Premium sheepskin-based products

Fleeceworks, based in California, is is owned and run by a horsewoman who is passionate about sheepskin and totally driven to create the best sheepskin-based equestrian products possible. Her  products combine the natural benefits of sheepskin with carefully tested designs, patented innovations, and a single-minded focus on quality.

Fleeceworks uses top quality Australian Merino sheepskin (rather than lambskin), tanned using carefully selected methods to provide optimum cushioning, breathability and flexibility, as well as a long useful life.  Fleeceworks new Therawool range uses the same Australian Merino wool attached to a breathable textile base, giving similar cushioning properties but with lower cost and easy care.

Many Fleeceworks pads also incorporate their patented FXK technology, which reduces the pressure on the wither produced by the horse's shoulder movement by allowing the pad to stretch.

All Fleeceworks products, whether sheepskin or Therawool, last outstandingly, they wash well and most importantly they are supremely comfortable for the horse and rider.

Read more about Fleeceworks pads

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Flex-On: Hi-tech stirrups

Flex-on stirrupFlex-on is a spin-off from an aerospace sub-contractor based in south-west France. The owner's wife is a keen horsewoman: they have combined the company's expertise in high-tech materials and design with her experience of top-level riding to produce a new, revolutionary design of stirrup that has already had huge success in the French market.  Offering exceptional balance and stability, shock absorption, and the ability to customise to the rider's requirements, this is a truly exceptional product.  
Read more about Flex-on stirrups

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Freedom Feeders: Slow feed hay nets

Freedom Feeders were developed by the pioneers of the equestrian slow-feed movement. The Freedom Feeder is based on the principle that horses' digestive systems are designed for all-day grazing rather than the periodic meals they receive in the stable.  Because their digestive system continues to secrete acids even when not feeding, horses fed intermittently are prone to colic, ulcers, and stable vices like cribbing. The freedom feeder has small (1.5in) net holes that allow the horse to graze slowly on the hay inside, without pulling out large tufts.  The result is a slower feeding process more akin to field grazing.

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Freeflex: Our own bridle range

Freeflex is the brand of our own highly innovative bridle range, designed to offer unrivalled comfort for the horse and superb communication for the rider.  Made in the UK with top quality English leather and German hardware, Freeflex bridles embody the core values of innovation, performance and longevity that we seek in everything we sell.   


Read more about Freeflex here.


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Kensington: Horse clothing

Kensington Platinum rugKensington Protective Products is a U.S. market leader in horse clothing and related products. A family-owned business established in California in 1954, it is now run by the son of the founder. Kensington’s slogan is “Tough Never Looked So Good”: they take pride in designing well-fitting, extremely robust and effective products, based on continuous innovation, quality materials and craftsmanship, and rigorous testing. Their rugs are amazingly robust as well as comfortable for the horse, and their fly protection products really work.

Kensington's confidence in their products enables them to offer a unique Lifetime Replacement Guarantee: any owner of a Kensington product can return it to them at any point in its life and obtain a replacement for 50% of the retail price (details here).

Read more about Kensington's fly protection products and Platinum rugs

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Majyk Equipe: Horse boots

Majyk Equipe, based in California, is run by a keen horseman whose experience working in the sporting goods business convinced him that he could produce better horse boots.  Majyk take a strongly technical approach to the design of their protective boots, using advanced materials and careful design to achieve some of the most protective (proven through independent test results) and durable boots on the market.


Safe-T-Ties: Innovative tie-up product

Safe-T-TieThis revolutionary product was developed by a team of Australian vets, equine therapists and engineers to solve the age-old problem of safely tying up a horse so that it can't pull away easily, but is able to do so when spooked so as to prevent injuries and damage.

Far safer and more reliable than bailer twine, this award-winning product will open if, and only if, it is subjected to a sudden, twisting pull. When doing it up, it has five settings that allow variation of the pull force at which it opens.  When it does open, it can be simply re-used - no need to replace anything.

Read more about Safe-T-Ties

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Silver Crown: Top quality bridlery

Silver Crown is the product of a keen show-jumper's passion for combining the best of bridlery traditions with innovative design.  They focus on comfort for the horse and security for the rider, use the best materials available and continuously innovate to ensure their products are always the best they can be.

Silver Crown exclusively use J.E. Sedgewick English leather, probably the finest bridle leather available, with stainless steel fittings and exemplary padding. Their innovative range includes several different headpiece designs to suit different horses' head shapes plus numerous types of nosebands including exclusive designs such as their increasingly well-known X-nose; any headpiece can be combined with any noseband. The designs also incorporate high levels of adjustability to avoid the classic problem of having to combine different sizes to achieve a good fit.

Read more about Silver Crown bridles

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Sore No-More: America's leading equine liniment 

Sore No-More is one of America's best-known horse care ranges, now part of Arenus, a major veterinarian-led US manufacturer of Equine supplements and care products.  Sore No-More is a preparation made entirely of natural herbs and is renowned for its effectiveness in helping with muscle soreness and inflammation.

It is extremely gentle and can be used under bandages or tack, and in conjunction with magnetic or ceramic therapy equipment.  It is available in spray-on liniment, gel, or poultice form, and in standard "Performance" and double-strength "Performance Ultra" form.


Read more about Sore No-More products

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Total Saddle Fit: Anatomical Shoulder Relief Girths

Based in California, Total Saddle Fit are a high-quality designer and manufacturer dedicated to utilising their expertise in saddlery and horse anatomy to achieve an optimal interaction between saddle, girth, horse and rider. Their Shoulder Relief Girth has acquired a top-level reputation in the US, particularly with competition riders.

While the anatomical cut is their obvious feature - similar to that of other girths such as the Fairfax - their careful design also incorporates a number of other features aimed at maximising their effectiveness and their comfort for the horse. We are delighted to be able to bring these excellent and great value girths to the UK.

Read more about TSF Shoulder Relief Girths

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Winner's Circle: Premium quality grooming brushes

Winner's Circle brushesWinner's Circle brushes are produced in Baltimore, USA by Champion Brush Co.  Their grooming brushes have an excellent reputation across the with American equestrian community, but have never been imported into the UK.  Champion Brush is the US subsidiary of Hill Brush in the UK, a family-owned business and makers of the excellent "Salmon" brushes that many UK riders will remember.  Hill Brush no longer make Salmon brushes for the UK market, and bringing in Winner's Circle provides an opportunity to fill the gap.

Read more about Winner's Circle grooming brushes  

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