About Flex-on stirrups

Flex-on has totally re-invented the stirrup, creating a revolutionary design based on a combination of high-tech engineering expertise and top-level riding experience.

What makes them special    

Flex-on stirrups provide an extraordinarily stable and comfortable ride that has to be experienced to be believed. Their performance can be attributed to a number of unique design features:      

  • Ultra-lightweight yet strong frames: The carefully designed frames and footbeds use machined aluminium and high-tech composites to produce a stirrup weighing only 450g
  • Innovative design: Unlike normal stirrups, the stirrup-leather slot in Flex-on frames is off-set and skewed at an angle. This, combined with a carefully designed inclined footbed, helps ensure the rider's leg sits in an ideal position, and dramatically adds stability and confidence
  • Shock absorption: Elastomers built into the base of the footbed help the stirrup absorb shocks and vibration     
  • "Ultra-grip":  Small pins built into the footbed grip the rider's boot to help prevent slipping and give an excellent connection with the horse  

The range

The range consists of the standard "Balance" model and the premium "Balance Pro".  While both incorporate all the features outlined above, the Pro model features a frame of solid machined aluminium rather than the reinforced composite of the standard model.  In addition, the Pro model incorporates slightly harder elastomers to better suit top-level competition riders. 

Flex-on stirrups are available in a variety of frame colours. We hold certain of these in stock, the remainder are available to special order, typical lead-time 2=-3 weeks.  See the relevant product page for details     

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