Custom inserts for Flex-on stirrups (pair)

Custom insert: Pair

Out of stock but available to order: normally ships within 2-3 weeks. See Delivery for further information

Customise your Flex-on stirrups with optional decorative inserts  

The inserts at the top of the frame on Flex-on stirrups are fixed into place magnetically and can easily be removed and replaced with a different pair. Flex-on provide a huge variety of insert designs to replace the ones that come with the stirrups, which are black with the "on" in the Flex-on logo coloured to match the elastomers (see first product image).  The product images illustrate some of the various styles offered, to view the full range see Flex-on's catalogue via this link 

Order with a new pair, or to retrofit to an existing pair. When ordering, please specify insert choice in the "special order details" box at checkout, and also the model of stirrups they are to fit (Green Composite, Alu, or Safe-on) as there is a difference between different models.  See below for fitting instructions.  

Note that we don't carry stock of these special inserts, we order them from Flex-on.  Fulfillment therefore takes 2-3 weeks and as special orders they are non-returnable.    

Fitting instructions: The inserts fix into place magnetically, attaching to each-other through the frame. On the side of the frame facing your leg, there are small grooves just below each side of the insert. Use a toothpick or similar to lever out the existing insert, then push out the insert on the other side through the holes in the frame. Then just snap the new inserts into place.

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