Product care

You'll get a much longer useful life from your products with the right care. Here are guides for some of our main brands:


Sheepskin care

After use, brush out accumulated sweat with a sheepskin brush (a brush with small metal teeth designed to brush out and fluff up the wool). Avoid storing the pad when still damp or in bright sunlight

With the natural oils in Fleeceworks sheepskin, regular brushing should release much of the normally accumulating sweat and grime. Occasionally when necessary wash with an approved specialised leather wash. Brush out with a sheepskin brush while still damp, and allow to dry naturally

PLEASE DON'T use an ordinary or even a wool detergent - it's important to retain the natural oils in the sheepskin hide under the wool. Normal detergents remove these and the hide will harden and crack over time, greatly shortening the pad's life

Fleeceworks recommends Specific tested leather wash for sheepskin. We sell a Fleeceworks sheepskin care kit with starter bottles of wash and conditioner and a sheepskin brush 

See also this care guide on Fleeceworks' own site


On these products the wool has no underlying hide, so they can safely be washed more frequently. Wash as per any wool product with a delicate wash and a wool detergent, brush when damp with a sheepskin brush, and allow to dry naturally

NEVER use bleach or any harsh detergent on any sheepskin or wool product

Perfect balance

If using Fleeceworks' Perfect Balance pads with foam shims inside, ensure shims are removed before washing by undoing the velcro strip along the spine and/or front pocket


Machine wash below 40 deg and line-dry or tumble with a low-temperature programme



Kensington rugs and fly protection products

Machine-wash below 40 deg and line-dry (DO NOT TUMBLE DRY).

Turnout rugs - With their built-in lami-cell coating the Platinum rugs shouldn't need regular re-proofing as long as the rug is professionally cleaned with suitable cleaner. Replacement leg straps are available for all Kensington rugs and sheets here 

Kensington breakaway head collars

Replacement leather straps are available in sets of three here.

Majyk Equipe

All Majyk Equipe boots are very robust and should need no special attention to ensure a long life. They should be washed down when necessary to remove accumulated dirt and mud, and allowed to dry naturally.

Can be machine-washed but in cold water - Use delicate wash detergents and DO NOT USE BLEACH. Air dry - DO NOT TUMBLE DRY

Majyk boots with the ForeverClean coating (Elite Series Cross-country & Dressage) should be gently hand cleaned, to avoid rubbing off the coating.

See also this page on Majyk's own site.

Silver Crown

Silver Crown bridles should last for years with proper care. When bought new the leather comes with a thin wax protective coating, which can be wiped off with a soft cloth.
If the leather becomes soiled wipe down with a damp sponge or cloth. Condition regularly and after cleaning with a high-quality leather conditioner - DO NOT use oil or oil-based cleaners or conditioners.

We recommend and sell Silver Crown's leather care and conditioner which is specially formulated to suit their high-quality leather.  To view product details & order click here


Freeflex bridles are made with top quality vegetable-tanned leather and should last for years with proper care.  We recommend NOT oiling the leather.  In addition,  when applied to the special leather used in the headpiece loop, some leather clear/conditioners work much better than others, however good a quality. Having tested a number, we strongly recommend B&E's beeswax leather balm or Brilliant leather creme for the Freeflex bridle - see this page