Reviews: Flex-On stirrups

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"Omg, these stirrups are out of this world.  In all honesty I didn’t know if they were going to make a difference on my joints, back, leg position and riding but boy was I wrong.
They are like first class, once you ride in them there is no going back. Immediately my leg and foot went into proper position. I didn’t feel the pain in my knees, ankle, hips, back and feet.  Then I started to ride sitting trot, these beautiful shock absorbing stirrups are like riding on a cloud. I used to fight my legs going up away from my stirrups because my body was trying to fight the pain. Now I’m using the stirrups and they are taking all the bounce and pressure and my sitting trot is amazing. The rising trot, I wasn’t getting enough lift, but now I’m rising over the pommel. My horse is going into frame, I’m not feeling any pain it is truly amazing.
I highly recommend these stirrups for all, but mostly those who suffer like I do from chronic pain.  I will never use anything else again.  
Thank you for making my riding such a beautiful gift.   Lisa 🦋

Lisa F, on-line customer


"Love the (tester) stirrups. Please send me a new pair in the same colour asap.  I have got used to them and am going to miss them until my new pair arrive"  
C.W., show customer


"I received my stirrups and tried them for the first time today. They were fantastic. Feet didn't slip, leg was much more stable and my balance was better.  They enabled me to be more effective with my lower leg making me feel more balanced and confident. So a big success so far!"
AS, show customer


"These stirrups improve your balance when riding either during schooling or hacking out when compared to a standard type stirrup. They also create a higher level of balance whilst jumping. Additionally they aid the lower leg to maintain a better position.
I love them and would highly recommend them for anyone who wishes to improve their balance and confidence".
Sue W, on-line customer


"A very clever idea... They offer amazing grip while being extremely comfortable to ride with. They also look pretty stylish, which is always an added bonus."
Will Furlong, Tried & Tested review in Eventing Magazine, Feb 2015


"I love my Flex On stirrups and will be buying another pair as soon as I get organised!"
Sarah M, show & on-line customer  


''Quality superior to other brands, that's for sure'... Test ride this morning by a professional rider. 10/10 for comfort and absorption, another 10/10 on stability and support ... you really have to try them! Also ideal for riders with problem backs or joints due to the choice of three grades of shock-absorber: another 10/10! For the price they're really worth looking at!! "
Lucie Corbel, qualified level 3 trainer Equine Canada, posting on Quebec Equestrian Federation forum


"I tried my trainer's Flex-on stirrups this morning. I confirm they really are worth their price. I've never felt so good in stirrups. The tread really grips, the skewed frame helps get the right leg position, my toe was better placed than usual. I really liked them a lot!"
Pataclop2 posting on forum


"I bought Flex-ons and have one answer: amazing!  With my mare who is a big, explosive jumper, I have much better balance! I highly recommend them! Plus when she bucks or does 1.45m jumps, my feet stay in place!!! -:) Great!
Jument73 posting on


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