About Kensington Fly Protection Products

Kensington is a family-owned, well-established U.S. market leader in horse clothing. Their slogan is “Tough Never Looked So Good.” Taking pride in designing well-fitting, extremely robust and effective products, they continually innovate, use quality materials & craftsmanship and rigorously test.

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Textilene and fly & sun protection

Fly mask visibility

Kensington pioneered the use of US-manufactured Textilene® for equestrian products. Kensington’s Textilene® mesh, a highly robust trade-marked fabric, uses polyester fibres coated with PVC woven to a density of 1000 x 2000 denier and is virtually tear-proof.

As well as providing excellent protection against biting insects, it blocks 73% of UV rays protecting against sun damage and is highly breathable. It is also soil, mildew and fade resistant, and fire retardant.

As shown in the photo, the loose weave of the Textilene provides amazing breathability and gives the horse a clear view through Kensington's fly masks. 

All Kensington’s fly protection products are made with Textilene®. It is also used in a range of other Kensington products, making the plaid pattern a hallmark of the brand. Kensington are the exclusive users of Textilene® for Equestrian products - other brands with similar-looking products are using other materials.


What makes them special

As well as the Textiline® fabric, Kensington fly protection products feature:

  • Robust construction: The strength of Textilene® is complemented by top-level manufacturing specifications: double-seaming with very strong thread, wide velcro attachments, and solid, no-rust metal fittings 
  • Design & comfort: Kensington's products are carefully designed for horse comfort and owner convenience:
> Double-velcro elastic straps minimise the chances of the horse getting the product off in the field and improve fit
> On the fly masks, double eye darts help keep the fabric clear of the eyes; ear pieces are of soft breathable mesh; and fleece lining helps prevent rubbing
> Plastic stays within the fleece edging on the fly boots ensure they stay up and in place on the leg
> Rug tail flaps attached with double-velcro plus elastic leg straps minimise the possibility of the horse damaging itself or the rug
> Easy to use clips and rug attachments make taking the rug on & off easy rather than a chore 
  • Surefit cut: Kensington's Surefit rug cut is designed to fit a wide range of horse shapes, and to minimise rubbing problems 
  • Versatility: Given their robustness and protective qualities, many U.S. owners also use their Protective Sheets over a turnout rug outside the summer season, protecting the turnout against damage, soiling, etc. Similarly, the fly mask and fly boots can be used to protect wounds or sore patches on the face or legs
  • Lifetime replacement Guarantee: Kensington's confidence in the robustness and longevity of their products enables them to offer a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. More details here

    The range

    The fly protection range includes Protective Fly Sheets in two cuts - Surefit and a European cut specifically tailored to TBs and similar shapes, plus a neck cover, three styles of fly mask, fly boots and a tail cover. 

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