Reviews: Kensington fly rugs

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"Normally my horse's fly rugs don't last more than a week but as soon as I opened the Kensington Fly Rug, I knew this one was different. The rug is a mesh of very strong material that even after a whole month of wear, still looks as good as the first day I used it. The rug blocks most of the harmful UV rays and kept my horses coat clean while fulfilling its job of keeping the flies at bay....

Even though the material of the rug is so tough, I was amazed that he was never too hot - even when out in the hottest part of the day...  At £116 it is great value as in the winter months it can be teamed up as a protective layer for other rugs - which is perfect if your rugs are always getting ripped!
Tried & Tested review in Horse Scene, July 2014    


"Molly really doesn't like flies.The well thought-out fit of the rug, combined with the tightly woven fabric means she can peacefully enjoy eating grass in the sunshine without being bitten and bothered buy insects" 
Amy Miller, independent tester for Chiltern Rider (see product images for full review)


“The fabric of the rug is fantastic and having had flimsy mesh rugs that rip in the past, this rug is built to last. It is contoured to fit well, didn’t move during use and has a padded edge to the wither and lining to the shoulders.”
Caroline Mosley, independent Tried & Tested review for Equine Magazine


"After much research into which fly protection I would buy for my mare who suffers in the spring/summer months, I decided to buy from Shadow Horse, as the Kensington range had great reviews, looked good and with the sure-fit design I was certain that my mare would be comfortable wearing this rug for long periods of time. I ordered the rug, together with the neck, flymask with nose cover and the boots as a set. When I tried the rug on I realised I had ordered the wrong size. Although, my fault entirely, Shadow Horse sent out a larger rug free of charge and I returned the smaller one. Not only did I feel that I had received a personal service from Shadow Horse, I found Chloe very knowledgeable and very understanding. I will definitely be buying my next fly rug from Shadow Horse. It fits perfectly, works perfectly and my mare looks really good. 10/10 for Customer Services, 10/10 for Product, Thank you Shadow Horse!
Alison P, on-line customer
"After going through so many fly sheets, I now have only Kensington.. all my horses wear them.. I have horses in trees, and sheets that are going to be put on for the fifth summer.. def worth the extra"  
Cathie3665 posting on forum
"I wanted to send you a photo of our girl sporting her new fly rug and neck piece. Very pleased with it and looks like Clover is as well!!" 
Jeni, on-line customer


"Very durable and will not make them hot. Worth every penny !  ...Her old Kensington I sold to my friend after 3 years of use [my horse grew out of it] it still looks brand new. She is in a herd of 30+ and they are rough. At my barn the only fly sheets that last more than a week are Kensingtons"
"Gypsygirl" posting on


"This rug is made from a seriously strong material which took a while to mould to Wish's shape.  The elasticated surcingles are a good idea and mean you can get a good fit around the belly so no flies can get inside. The neck cover was a good fit too, and because of the stiffer material this rug is made from, it didn't slip back. The belly band is slightly shaped and gave good protection to the belly area, while all the fastenings feel sturdy and secure as well as being quick and easy to use."
Tried & Tested review in Your Horse, July 2014


See Kensington's fly & sun protection range here