About Freedom Feeders

Freedom Feeder extended day sizeFreedom Feeder hay nets are designed on the 'slow-feed' principle that it is much better for the horse to graze continuously on their hay - as they would naturally on grass - than to have "meals" with gaps in-between as is the case with conventional hay nets.  The Freedom Feeder net comes with a smaller, 1.5 inch square mesh which cuts back the rate at which the horse can eat, preventing it pulling out large tufts of hay.  More importantly, once a horse gets used to having hay available continuously, they cease to feel the need to "guzzle".

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What makes them special

Because Freedom Feeders' smaller net openings control the rate at which the horse can graze, the "extended day" feeder can provide 24-30 hours of continuous hay availability with no need to refill.  Say goodbye to constant yard visits - and gain a happier horse into the bargain!  

Freedom Feeders are produced by the pioneers of the slow-feed movement in the US.  Their nets are made of US-made shrimp fishing nylon cord - softer and more durable than the Chinese-made polypropolene that most hay nets are made of.  The nets are also made on the square, which makes them easier to fill than the more usual diamond cut because they stay open.

The range

The amazing extended day Freedom Feeder will hold 24-30 hours of hay for the average horse. This enables once-a-day filling rather than refilling normal hay nets for every meal: the Freedom Feeder design stops the horse consuming the whole day's supply in a short time.

There is also a 'day" size that holds 12-15 hours of hay, suitable for twice a day feeding or part-day turnout, and a travel/mini size holding c. 6-8 hours of hay. Two of the day nets can also be used in place of the extended day to provide all-day cover if desired.

Further information

See this article for a further explanation of the benefits of slow-feeding, and the videos below to demonstrate a horse "grazing" from a Freedom Feeder, and show the method of loading the extended day model


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