About Silver Crown bridles

Silver Crown, based in northern France, is run by a keen show jumper with a passion for bridlery.  Silver Crown's slogan is "Audace et Tradition" (Daring and Tradition). They bring together a strong respect for bridlery traditions, and innovative thinking and designs.  


What makes them special

  • Silver Crown grackle bridleQuality: All Silver Crown bridlery is made from J.E Sedgewick English bridle leather: probably the finest quality bridle leather available, renowned for its lustre and suppleness and resistance to wear and stretching. All fittings are stainless steel, so will not break or tarnish    
  • Craftsmanship: Silver Crown puts huge emphasis on attention to detail and quality of finish. It contracts its manufacturing to carefully selected leatherwork craftsmen, whose skill is evident in the fine workmanship visible on every Silver Crown piece
  • Flexibility: Any Silver Crown headpiece can be combined with any noseband.  This permits, for example, the purchase of a headpiece with two nosebands to cater for different situations or requirements   
  • Adjustability: All Silver Crown designs are highly adjustable, with buckles on each side and long straps. This helps with difficult-to-fit horses that need, for example, a full-size headpiece but cob cheek-pieces  
  • Innovation: In addition to developing unique new headpiece and noseband designs (e.g. the X-nose and Valla) Silver Crown has carefully thought through the design of their more traditional models. For example, their drop noseband has adjustment buckles on either side of the drop, in addition to the more standard adjustment at the back. Similarly on the Grackle they use soft padded leather on the underside of the cross, rather than sheepskin padding with its tendency to get dirty,
  • Comfort: Silver Crown also puts great emphasis on ensuring their bridlery is comfortable for the horse. Padding in used on any point that might create pressure or rubbing, and the designs take account of the anatomy of a horse's head, the position of the nerves, etc.        


The range

The main bridle range is "Mix & match", with a selection of headpieces, nosebands and reins that can be chosen separately and combined to form a complete bridle, or bought individually. There are a few exceptions - the Dressage and Fine bridles and the Doubles - which come as a complete unit, some including reins.

In addition to bridles and reins, Silver Crown offer a comprehensive selection of head collars, martingales, breastplates etc.

All Silver Crown bridlery comes in five colours. The standard colours are black, nut (brown) and conker (tan), all with white stitching; if we are out of stock of an item in these colours, it can usually be obtained from Silver Crown in a week or two. The other two colours - Black and Nut with matching stitching - are made specially for us so require several weeks' manufacturing lead-time if we are out of stock.


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