About Winner's Circle all-natural grooming brushes

Winner's Circle brushesYou may remember fondly the excellent "Salmon" grooming brushes that recently disappeared from the UK market.  These were made by the Hill Brush Company, but are no longer marketed here. However, their US subsidiary, Champion Brush company based in Baltimore, still makes equally outstanding grooming brushes for the US market, sold under the brand "Winner's Circle". Having tried them out, we felt we had to bring them to the UK!

What makes them special

Our Winner's Circle range is made in the USA, and uses all-natural fibres with beautifully shaped natural wood handles. They are a pleasure to use, do their job superbly, and are made to last and last.  


The range

Our range consists of six brushes to cover all your grooming needs:

  • Two types of dandy brushes - one made with natural Union fibres suits longer autumn/winter coats, the other made with grey English bristles is slightly softer for spring/summer or clipped coats.  Both types of bristle are ideal for loosening and removing cracked mud.  
  • A combo dandy/body brush with stiff union fibre inner bristles surrounded by softer tampico fibres. The stiff fibres loosen the mud and dust, the softer tampico flicks it away.
  • An all-tampico body brush - resilient and durable, ideal for lighter grooming and safe for all those sensitive areas
  • A pure horsehair finishing brush - ultra-soft and designed to leave your horse's coat beautifully shiny
  • A pure tampico flick brush made with longer bristles


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