Horse clothing

Kensington's excellent horse clothing range, plus Silver Crown's beautiful leather head collars, Fenwick's Liquid Titanium therapeutic products, and Fleeceworks' accessories.

More about Kensington's fly & sun protection and rug ranges, Silver Crown bridlery, Fenwick and Liquid Titanium and Fleeceworks accessories.

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SC leather headcollar "Classic" version
Classic back section for SC leather headcollar
Silver Crown Paracord headcollar
Silver Crown lead rope
Kensington breakaway headcollar & lead rope set
Kensington replacement leathers for breakaway head collar
Kensington rope halter with lead rope
Kensington cotton rich day sheet
Kensington protective neck cover
Kensington fly mask with fleece trim - no nose or ears
Kensington fly mask with fleece trim & soft mesh ears
Kensington fly mask with removable nose piece & soft mesh ears
Kensington UViator fly mask with no nose or ears
Kensington UViator fly mask with nose
Kensington protective fly boots
Fleeceworks breastcover set 3-piece
Kensington protective tail cover
Kensington replacement leg straps for Kensington rugs & sheets
Fleeceworks seat saver
Fleeceworks headcollar fleece: 4-piece set
Fleeceworks crownpiece cover
Fleeceworks noseband cover
Fleeceworks cheekpieces
Fleeceworks breastcover 1-piece
Fleeceworks cribbing strap cover
Fleeceworks cribbing collar cover 3-piece set
Fleeceworks hackamore cover
Fleeceworks earplugs
Fleeceworks dressage girth cover
47 results