About Fenwick and Liquid Titanium

Fenwick Equestrian is dedicated to designing and producing high quality horse clothing that is both stylish and high-performing.  Fenwick focuses on 'smart' fabrics such as bamboo, equisuede, and liquid titanium specially chosen for their unique properties.   

Fenwick Liquid Titanium is an innovative therapeutic material with a patent pending. Similar in its effect to ceramic or magnetic-based therapeutics, when worn it creates warmth and boosts circulation in the area immediately underneath, encouraging relaxation, and helping to reduce inflammation and promote detoxification and healing.

When worn, Liquid Titanium fabric creates far infra-red waves that penetrate deep into the underlying tissues, warming them and boosting circulation.  This in turn reduces inflammation, aids detoxification and healing, making it an ideal therapeutic covering.  Liquid Titanium garments are also frequently found to reduce stress and anxiety in horses, making them calmer and easier to handle. 

See the pictures below showing heat-maps of a horse before and after 30mins' wearing of a Liquid Titanium sheet.


Liquid Titanium heat map - before    

After 30 mins.' wear

Liquid Titanium heat map - after 30 mins


What makes it special:

  • Effective: Liquid Titanium produces clearly discernible therapeutic effects whose effects can be measured scientifically
  • Practical: Unlike many therapeutic products, Liquid Titanium garments can be left on 24x7 without any adverse effects.  No break periods are needed. In addition the material is robust and can be machine washed & dried
  • Stylish: Liquid Titanium fabric comes in stylish grey and black colours, and has four-way stretch to help give an excellent fit. 


"This is the best thing ever. As soon as I put it on my horse he relaxes into it. I now put it on him always when he has to ship somewhere and when we are away from home he literally lives in it. he is normally a incredibly anxious/nervous horse, when he wares his Fenwick he is much calmer he will even stand now away from home! BEST THING EVER"
Customer review on US Dover Saddlery website


The Range

Fenwick has fashioned Liquid Titanium into a wide range of therapeutic horse garments: a rug, neck cover, ear bonnet, full head mask, hock and knee boots, and leg and pastern wraps, allowing it to be used wherever needed.

In addition, we sell a range of Fenwick's stylish coolers, fashioned from bamboo and  equisuede, plus Fenwick's superb Equisuede bandages