About Safe-T-Ties

Safe-T-TieSafe-T-Ties were originally developed in Australia but are now also well-established in the USA.  We have pleasure in introducing this brilliant product to the UK market.

What makes them special

The Safe-T-Tie is a revolutionary, safe tying-up method. Designed to allow a spooked horse to break free without damaging itself, the Safe-T-Tie is a plastic clip that pulls apart when put under sufficient strain - with five different settings of breakaway point. More reliable in its operation than bailer twine, the clip comes apart if - and only if - the pull on it reaches the set level and is accompanied by a twisting motion.  Moreover after it has pulled apart it can continue to be re-used as normal - no need to replace anything.

The range  (See our Safe-T-Tie range here) 

Safe-T-Ties are sold in two-packs and come in a variety of colours

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See our Safe-T-Tie range here

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