Fleeceworks Therawool classic half pad

An outstanding half pad: Fleeceworks' quality with the practicality of wool


Why we chose it:

  • Luxury with easy care: Fleeceworks' Therawool™ made with an Australian Merino wool blend for softness and robustness: provides much of the cushioning and thermal protection of sheepskin with easy care. Machine washes beautifully on a wool cycle, won't felt up or mat
  • Effective: The dense real wool pile cut to the optimum length for breathability, protects against concussion and pressure points
  • Breathable: The 1 inch length of the wool coupled with carefully selected quilting and backing provide a high level of breathability throughout the pad

     "We have used wool saddle pads previously, but these are in a league of their own! A beautiful thick pad, which despite constant use and regular washing still continues to perform and look good as new. They haven't gone lumpy or matted over time and use and are worth their weight in Gold!"
    Maria & Michael Eilberg, top international Dressage riders


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