Reviews: Fleeceworks Therawool pads

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"We have used wool saddle pads previously, but these are in a league of their own! A beautiful thick pad, which despite constant use and regular washing still continues to perform and look good as new. They haven't gone lumpy or matted over time and use and are worth their weight in Gold!"
Maria & Michael Eilberg, top international Dressage riders


"As soon as I unpacked this I knew I was going to be very impressed as it was great quality and the wool was very soft..... I have used it over the past few months, it has washed extremely well and with a gentle brush once dry, still feels as new."
Chris Grant, independent Tried & Tested review in Equine Magazine, March 2015.  See Therawool GP square pad for full article.


"This fitted neatly under my 17.5in close contact saddle and had plenty of height at the wither. I put it on my cold-backed horse who normally wears a pad and a numnah and he was no more reactive than usual. It didn't slip and, after a long hack, including a canter, his back was still dry. It is well made/designed and it is such good quality it feels as though it will last. Five stars."
Tamsin Miall, Tried  & Tested review, Eventing Magazine Feb 2013.  See Therawool Cross-country square pad for full article


"The sheepskin is beautifully soft and gorgeous, It fits perfectly, washes well, and the best thing is I can adjust the fit if needed by the addition of foam inserts."
Review in Local Rider, May 2013.  See Therawool GP square pad for full article.


"I love this pad! It's so clever with its hidden memory foam pocket, because it allows me to adapt to my horse's changing shape as I get him fitter or if he drops weight off during the season. It also washes brilliantly - the wool holds up very well to repeated washings!  Good cut & doesn't add bulk".
> Independent Tried & Tested review, Horse & Rider, Spring 2014 .  See Therawool cross-country square pad for full article


"The pad is great because it doesn't hold the sweat and get heavy like some pads do which is a real plus for me. The fact the half pad can go in the washing machine and actually washes well is fantastic, it means it doesn't get horrible and lumpy but maintains a smooth pad the whole way through"
Izzy Taylor, independent Tried & tested review for Eventing magazine


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