Flex-On Green Composite stirrups


The lower-cost composite-based version of Flex-on's innovative hi-tech stirrups, designed - and scientifically proven - to provide help with riding position and reduce strain on the leg muscles and joints. These offer the same amazing ride as their original aluminium-framed model and have to be tried to be believed.. (see note below re. our tester service)

Stocked in black, dark grey, and brown and with either flat or inclined footbeds (the mixed type is no longer available) but also available to order with custom coloured frames and/or elastomers (see product photos for stocked colour combinations, plus "customisation options" below for other options ). See also "More about Flex-on Stirrups" for more information on customisation options and an explanation of the differences between the Composite, Pro (Alu frame) and Safe-on models. 

Why we chose them:

  • Lightweight: strong but lightweight frame (450g) uses hi-tech design and polyamide composites with steel core
  • Innovative balance: clever offset and skewed stirrup-leather slot, plus carefully designed footbed, helps create the ideal position for rider's leg and foot
  • Shock absorbing: elastomer shock absorbers supporting the footbed plus flexibility built into the frame help absorb shocks and vibration 
  • Ultra-grip footbed: small studs embedded in the stirrup tread grip the boot to ensure excellent stability of ride and connection with the horse, without damaging boots.  Option of flat or inclined tread. 
  • Huge range of customisation options: Frame, elastomers & footbed all come in a variety of colours, allowing a vast range of combinations - e.g. to match your riding colours (see below). Plus the magnetic inserts are swappable to any of a large range of colours and designs   

We are Flex-on's original UK retailer, launching them at Olympia in 2014. We have unrivalled experience with these excellent products.  We strongly encourage you to consult us when choosing when choosing flat vs. inclined footbeds as well as between these and Flex-on's other stirrup models - our aim is to ensure you get the right product and configuration for your needs.

We also offer our tester service which also allows you to try out different models and/or footbed types before committing.  


"Having tried them myself, it's clear the designers have developed a stirrup that makes riding more comfortable and gives you a helping hand with your riding position - both pretty valuable results"
Alison Lowther, Tried & Tested review in Your Horse Magazine, April 2015 (see product images for full article) 
“Love my Flex-ons!  Best thing I could have bought…”
N.R., online customer.”


Customisation options
Flex-on offer a wide range of customisation options:

  • Frame/elastomer colours: These stirrups are available in several frame colours; in addition the rubber elastomers under the footbed can be ordered in a variety of colours to provide a colourful accent (for available colours & examples, see product images). We hold in stock for immediate delivery black dark grey, and brown frames (all pictured) - all with matching elastomer colours. Any other colour combination can be requested as a special order - lead-time is usually 1-3 weeks. To order, choose the "Custom" colour option and specify your required frame and elastomer colours in the box provided for special order details on the basket page when checking out.
  • Custom inserts: All Flex-on stirrups are supplied with black inserts bearing the Flex-on logo, with the "-on" element of the logo coloured to link to the elastomer colour. As an alternative to these standard inserts, custom decorative inserts can be ordered as an additional item (see "related products" below), and are easy to swap over.  
  • Footbed options: We can supply these stirrups with Flex-on's flat or inclined footbeds (the mixed inclination type is no longer available).  Flex-on recommend the flat type for dressage and general riding, and the inclined for jumping. We have testers available in both footbed types: if leaning toward inclined, we would strongly recommend trying out a pair via our tester service before purchasing, as we have found that with the UK's different riding style some UK customers do not get on with them. As standard both come with ultra-grip metal studs for extra grip, but we can supply studless footbeds, and we recommend this for children and adults under 120lb (55kg)
  • Footbed surround colour : The footbeds described above are always black. The surround that the footbed is set into can be black or light grey composite on the Balance stirrups.  Our standard stock Composite stirrups come with black surrounds for black frames, and light grey for the dark grey, brown and navy frames. Please specify the surround colour for custom orders    

Ordering custom options: Choose the "custom" option for any special order requirements - eg any frame and/or elastomer colours other than our standard stocked black, dark grey or brown frame with matching elastomers, or non-studded footbeds. Please specify your special requirements (frame, elastomer and footbed surround  colour) in the box provided for special order details at checkout. Lead-times are typically 1-3 weeks

If wanting non-standard decorative inserts, please order the separate custom insert product as an additional item and specify the insert style wanted in the special order details box. 


Footbed size: 4 ¾"

Fitting note
Due to their special asymmetric design, these stirrups come with distinct left and right sides, marked "R" and "L" on the frame.  The frame marked "R" should be on the right foot, with the "R" marking facing the rear.

Tester service
In common with many other products we sell, Shadow Horse offers an opportunity to "try before you buy" with used tester stirrups that can be ordered to try out for a week or two.  See the "Flex-on testers" product in the Flex-on brand collection

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