Silver Crown dressage double bridle, complete with reins


Beautiful padded double bridle with La Baule headpiece and wide cranked cavesson noseband 

Comes complete with two matching sets of reins - one set double-faced leather/rubber reins & one set of leather sewing reins

Colour options: black or nut with matching stitching

Dressage legal


Why we chose it:

  • Top quality: Superbly crafted with J.E. Sedgewicks English leather and stainless steel fittings
  • Excellent design: Both the Bradoon and Weymouth cheekpieces along with the noseband and throatlash are smoothly integrated into the headpiece with no pressure points over the poll 
  • Comfortable: La Baule-style padded headpiece & 40mm wide cavesson to spread pressure & well padded crank
  • Comes with two sets of reins: one leather half-lined with rubber, one plain leather Weymouth reins
  • Designed for dressage: stunning looks!

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