Freeflex bridle with cavesson noseband & removable flash


Flash noseband version of our new top-quality bridle range with a revolutionary patent-pending adaptive headpiece design.  Achieves unrivalled fit and comfort for the horse, freedom of movement as well as an improved rider connection.

Why they're special:

  • Adaptive headpiece design: Soft, flexible padded leather crownpiece strip attached to cut-back side-peces via D-rings creates a headpiece that conforms to almost any head shape
  • Independent movement: Headpiece design also eliminates the common problem that when a contact is taken on one rein, the headpiece twists creating twisting pressure on the nuchal ligament and increased pressure on the base of the opposing ear and TMJ.  Also produces clearer communication between horse and rider.
  • Removable flash: Clever design allows flash strap and attachment loop to  be removed leaving a smooth front 
  • Comfort: Every aspect of the bridle - not just the adaptive headpiece - is carefully thought through to ensure maximum comfort for the horse. 
  • Quality: Bridles use only top-quality materials - English vegetable-tanned bridle leather, Sprenger German silver hardware - and are hand-crafted in Wallsall.

FEI and UK competition approved for dressage, eventing and showjumping 

Options: Available in full and cob sizes, in black and in dark havana. 

For more information on the Freeflex design and range see "More about Freeflex bridles" link below


"We've used this bridle on a number of horses and found it helped each horse with the contact and has given us ... really good results".
S.B., Dressage trainer


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