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Flex-on Pro-Balance aluminium frame stirrups


Flex-on's original innovative hi-tech stirrups designed to absorb shock and give a superbly stable ride. These have to be tried to be believed...  

Why we chose them:

  • Ultra-lightweight and streamlined: strong but lightweight frame (450g) uses hi-tech design and aerospace-derived aluminium.
  • Innovative balance: clever offset and skewed stirrup-leather slot in frame, plus carefully designed variable inclination footbed, help create ideal position for rider's leg and foot.
  • Shock absorbing: Flexibility built into frame plus elastomer shock absorbers supporting the footbed help the stirrup absorb shocks and vibration. 
  • "Ultra-grip": small studs in stirrup tread grip rider's boot to ensure excellent stability of ride and connection with the horse.

"Having tried them myself, it's clear the designers have developed a stirrup that makes riding more comfortable and gives you a helping hand with your riding position - both pretty valuable results
Alison Lowther, Tried & Tested review in Your Horse Magazine, April 2015 (see product images for full article) 

Customisation options

Flexon offer a vast range of customisation options on their stirrups:

  • Frame colours: Pro-Balance stirrups are available in four frame colours - see the  third product image. We hold in stock for immediate delivery pairs in silver (polished aluminium), matt Black, and Sideral (medium) Grey.  The remaining colour, White, can be requested to special order - lead-time is usually 1-3 weeks.  To order, choose the "Custom" colour option and specify White frame colour in the box provided for special order details on the basket page when checking out. 
  • Elastomers:  Flex-on offer their aluminium-frame stirrups with a choice of three elastomers under the footbed: "hard", designed for jumping, "medium" for dressage, and "soft" for endurance riding. Our standard stock all comes with the hard elastomer.  We can special order custom stirrups with other elastomer types, but note that in our experience the medium elastomers provide little difference in feel for dressage riding vs the hard ones.   
  • Custom inserts: In addition to the frame colour options above, custom decorative inserts can be ordered to replace those supplied as standard with the stirrup ("Carbone" for the grey and black frame versions, Carbone light" for the silver frame). See "related products" below.  
  • Footbed options: We supply these stirrups as standard with the "mixed inclination" footbed and ultra-grip studs. If desired we can replace the standard footbed with one without the ultra-grip studs: just request this using the box for extra order details when checking out.  (We can also special order the stirrups with Flex-on's fully inclined or flat footbeds, but we caution that everyone who has tried them far prefers the mixed inclination type, both for jumping and dressage).
Custom options: Choose the custom option for any special order requirements - ie gold colour frame, soft or medium rather than our standard hard elastomers, or any footbed type other than our standard mixed ultragrip type.  Please specify your special requirements in the box provided for special order details at checkout. If wanting non-standard inserts, please order the custom insert product and again specify the insert style wanted in the special order details box. 

    Fitting note: Due to their special asymettric design, these stirrups come with distinct left and right sides, marked "R" and "L" on the frame

    Footbed size: 4 ¾" 

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