Reviews: Braideez

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"Fabulous product and a must-have item in the grooming boxes from now on"
Val Williams, independent tester for Farm & Equine Magazine (full review on Braideez product pages))


"I bought some of these a while ago after getting fed up of Fab shaking out plaits (i use bands, never tried sewing plaits in and sure would take me forever!). Only got round to actually trying them on Saturday. Was slightly quicker to do than when I plait with bands and looked a lot neater. Even the part of Fab's mane thats just growing back from being rubbed out last winter I managed to get plaits into! Seemed to hold them together far better than bands too. And stayed in place all day. In fact, when we got back we had to nip out so i chucked Fab straight out and undone his plaits when we got back - he'd rolled as as a few of them were covered in mud but still hadn't budged!! Definitely recommend for those lazy like me who normally plait with bands!"
Fabio's filly posting on a Trot Online thread on Braideez (see full thread here)


"I ordered Braideez and am madly in love with this product. There's a tutorial for use on their website AND tons of youtube. You can do quick and super professional looking braids super fast and not worry about them falling out. I rely on them when I show hunters now. 12.95 through their website is A LOT better than paying someone to come out and braid manes for you."
Tin Roses posting on forum (see full thread here)


"So, for the braiding-challenged among us, this actually works! I cannot braid to save my life - probably because I cannot pull my gelding's mane without him being drugged to the gills. I got the Twisteez braiding wire over the weekend and quickly put one braid in to see if it worked, and it does!... So, thumbs up for this. Wasn't too expensive, either.."
eventer_mi posting on review thread about Braideez on Chronicle of the Horse (see full thread here


"Saw you at Bramham and just wanted to say thank you for Braideez, it has got me going BE. Without it I would be unable to get my stresshead of a horse ready for a competition. It is easily the best thing I have bought this year."
email from Sarah B


"Hello, received the Braideez and have had a test run with excellent results. I have always hated plaiting manes but with these wires it makes the task really easy.
email from Suzanne D