Reviews: Fleeceworks sheepskin pads

I have a Fleeceworks sheepskin ½ pad that I bought at Burghley, with removable memory-foam front shims or full length shims, and I cannot believe how brilliant it is. It's much better than I expected and the horses love it. I've used it daily since and it's still as new, looks very smart. I've long been a fan of prolite but I think it holds heat in which the sheepskin doesn't. I can't rate this highly enough, it's worth every penny... it's very dense sheepskin and very cushioning, and doesn't move a mm even without using the straps..

Kerilli posting on Horse & Hound forum


"I just had to send you a message to say how delighted I am with my Fleeceworks rolled edge dressage half pad.The sheepskin is the most luxurious I have ever felt! and the small elastic inserts are a innovative addition.  Many thanks for bringing this brand to our attention and your help in my purchase."
K.V., show customer


"I use a Fleeceworks sheepskin shaped pad for my close contact saddle and I LOVE it! It's super soft, breathable, never slips, and looks fantastic. It provides plenty of padding and I still feel him through the pad & saddle. Definitely worth the investment!"
Five furlongs posting on (full thread here)


"This half-pad is stunningly gorgeous and the softest most wonderful thing I've ever felt.... I love it so much. Not only is this pad fashion forward, its technology is un-paralleled. It is designed to absorb shock and use the heat radiated from your horse's back to allow your horse's muscle to be loose and used most efficiently to get the best ride possible. ...   In summary, this saddle pad has changed the way I ride. I didn't think something underneath my saddle could make such a difference but it has. I can feel it. It absorbs all the shock and even allows me to sit deeper in the saddle with out discomfort and really use my seat bones most effectively."
Rider review on  (full review here)


"Likes: I love this item. I did a lot of research when I got back into riding as far as the best back protection for my horse. I can't say enough great things about these pads. I have been riding with it for over 3 years now and it looks and feels the same as it did the day I brought it home.  Dislikes: nothing.  Quality: Great! Stitching is still going strong 3 years later."
Ashley's rider review on (full review here)


"If you don't mind splashing out, this luxurious saddle pad is a quality product.  Used daily between my treeless jumping saddle and a saddlecloth, I've had numerous compliments about its smart aesthetic look, but more importantly the horse appeared happy wearing it too. No excessive sweating under the saddle pad, which can occur with some other pads and it remained in the same position, feeling secure and I still felt close to the horse... I would be very happy to recommend it to anyone looking to provide a little more comfort for their horse's back.  Highly Recommended"
Clare Chappelhow, Tried & Tested review in Farm & Equine Magazine, June 2014 (see GP half pad with rolled edge for full article)  


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