Reviews: Kensington turnout rugs

"I love this rug.  The fastenings are all of fantastic quality and easy to use. The horses don't overheat in it and it has a special lining inside to help wick mixture away from the coat. It is lightweight yet offers great protection from the cold, and the cut of it is ideal for horses with shoulders.
Tried & Tested review by Charlotte Gee in Eventing Magazine Oct 2014


"For quality, design and apparent comfort, this is one of the best rugs I have ever had.  It may not be the cheapest but it is definitely a top-end rug, designed to fit well and last"
Independent "tried & tested" review in Chiltern & Thames Rider Nov 2013 (see product images for full review)


"The horse that has worn this [test rug] most has not started to grow his winter coat like others who have just been in sheets. He has no rubs on his shoulders and is able to move freely.  In recent extremely wet weather his was the only rug not to leak at all, and because it is so breathable, it dried on him very quickly. Zed, who wore the rug most, is a TB type, but it also worked really well on Leo who is built like a tank. I was really impressed with the cut around the quarters wand the overall thought and detail that has gone into this rug"
Pippa Hahn, Tried & Tested review in Farm & Equine Magazine Oct 2013  


"Fitting the blanket on Mark went like a dream. After I threw the blanket up and over him, I was able to use the Velcro and 2 convenient snap clips to close the front (the snaps have a pull tab on one end, so that they are adjustable). I also really like the “stable blanket” style of the 2 belly straps–they come further up the side to clip. And did I mention that you can clip or or unclip the snaps on either side of the horse (and not just the left side)? Talk about convenient when you are trying to blanket while you horse parks themselves against their stall wall!"
Coleen Peachey reviewing the Platinum rug on Eventing Nation forum (read the full review here)


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