Reviews: Sore No-More products

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"I love it .... Highly recommend..."  (bhebert19)
"I have the gelotion for myself too and it's great..."
"I LOVE the stuff. I use it for post and pre workout massage, I can wrap over it without burning the legs.. " 
"Love it!" 
"It's the best I have come across- their poultice is fantastic too" 
"I love Sore No More products. I use the gel liniment and have also used their poultice. Really great stuff. I really like that you can wrap over their liniments unlike other brands which will burn if you do that.  
It's worth the price. Well worth the price" (Apocalyptic Pony)
"Really love the gel and have just started using the linament"...

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"I use the poultice on my horses' legs after endurance rides or particularly strenuous conditioning rides and it is fabulous!! Legs are always nice and tight the next morning...."
tabula rashah, post on Chronicle of the Horse thread re. experience with SNM Poultice.  Read the full thread here


"I have returned to this product many times over the years when varying horses have had muscle or tendon injuries. The gelotion is so easy to put on and it stays where it is needed being a thicker gel.  It seems a genuinely well made product and lasts well storage wise when not being used."
H.E., on-line customer