Total Saddle Fit Stability wide stirrup leathers (pair)


A brilliant improvement on traditional narrow stirrup leathers where the section over the saddle is widened to broaden the contact area with the saddle providing greater stability of ride. Carefully designed by Total Saddle Fit in the USA and made with top-quality 4mm thick buffalo hide for the wide portion & nylon webbing wrapped in calfskin for the lower strap section.  

Why we chose it

    • Effective: Wider top section sits flat against the saddle and helps prevent twisting and movement in the leathers, providing an unparalled stability of ride not possible with traditional leathers
    • Don't intrude: Carefully designed to keep the bulk of the leathers to the absolute minimum vs. ttraditional designs
    • Top quality: Robust materials & construction, stainless steel buckle: built to last 


"..I didn't think that these would be that big of an improvement, but your leg does. Not. Budge. I've been riding and Eventing for over 30 years and so I didn't think there was much more that could be done for my lower leg security, but I definitely noticed a difference. My fiance, who's only been Eventing for about five years, notices a difference as well. I like them so much that I bought a pair to use on my dressage saddle".  

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Size & colour options:

Available in a range of sizes in black and brown. The difference between the jump and dressage versions is in the length of the wider section (see final image), designed to work with the different saddles and disciplines.

Choose a length that corresponds to your normal stirrup leather length.  If in doubt, the useable length of the leathers for each size is:

48":  16-22″
54":  18-25″
58":  20-27″
60":  21-28″
64":  22-30″ 


Also available in a mono-strap, Webbers-style version: see "Related products" below.

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