Extra back section for Silver Crown all-leather headcollar


Additional back sections for Silver Crown's superb all-leather head collar to enable conversion between Classic and Grooming versions 

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    Silver Crown's leather headcollar comes with two alternative back sections:
    • Classic: a conventionally designed back section (see first and third photos) which looks terrific for showing or leading at competitions, and works well for travelling
    • Grooming: the original innovative back section that attaches via four clips (see first photo), so that it can be detached at one point at a time to provide full access to the coat underneath when clipping, grooming or tacking up without taking the headcollar off. These features make the design particularly useful for use round the yard 
    The two types of back section are interchangeable, and this product provides either type of back section on its own to allow switching between the two designs.  
    For more complete information about Silver Crown's bridle range, see the links below


    "The overall impression is of very good quality leather and a well-made good-looking headcollar It's an attractive an innovative product, and the new approach to fitting at the back of the head is wonderful, as it's easy to adjust.....The clips on it are smooth, face inward, and just brilliant when you're putting on a bridle at a show."
    Terri Graham, Tried & Tested review in Farm & Equine Magazine, Feb 2014. (for full article see product images)


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