Fenwick LT (Liquid Titanium) therapeutic sheet


A super-effective therapeutic sheet using Fenwick's patented Liquid Titanium technology

Why we chose it:

  • Effective: Boosts circulation, aids dispersal of hot spots, encourages relaxation, reduces lactic acid build-up
  • Comfortable: Contoured cut, 4-way stretch breathable fabric and innovative front closure ensure comfort and stability on the horse 
  • Practical: Can be left on 24x7: no adverse effects, no break periods needed. Machine wash & dry
  • Versatile: Works equally well on a wet or dry horse. Can be used under rugs (not recommended under turnouts) or as stable sheet

Liquid Titanium fabric is proven to generate warmth and boost circulation, making it an ideal therapeutic covering. See the pictures below showing heat-maps of a horse before and after 30 mins' wearing of a Liquid Titanium sheet.



After 30 mins.' wear

For more information on Liquid Titanium click on the "More about Liquid Titanium" link below.

Tester sheet: As with many products we sell, we offer a "tester" service whereby you can order a used Liquid Titanium sheet to try out before committing to buy. See Fenwick testers for details and to order


"This is the best thing ever. As soon as I put it on my horse he relaxes into it. I now put it on him always when he has to ship somewhere and when we are away from home he literally lives in it. he is normally a incredibly anxious/nervous horse, when he wares his Fenwick he is much calmer he will even stand now away from home! BEST THING EVER"
Customer review on US Dover Saddlery website


 More about Liquid Titanium  More reviews



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