Fenwick LT (Liquid Titanium) mask - with sound reducing/acoustic ears


Comfortable and generally calming full head mask made from Fenwick's therapeutic Liquid Titanium fabric - this version with acoustic/soundless ears.  

LT masks come without ears, with standard ears, or in this version with ears made from a special sound-absorbing fabric to dramatically reduce the impact of noises.  See "Related items" below for the other mask types.

Why we chose it:

  • Excellent fit: Contoured cut plus 4-way stretch fabric ensures excellent fit on most horses. Very comfortable elastic fastenings
  • Effective: Aids in relaxation of the poll & surrounding muscles. Can have a strong calming effect on highly strung horses - used very successfully on international horse transport. 
  • Practical: Works equally well on a wet or dry horse, can be left on without breaks, machine wash & dry

    "We use the mask with great effect on a number of different horses for different reasons and we are very pleased with the results."  Sue B, show customer 

    Sizing & other options: 

    Comes in black only and with one of two types of attachment through which the mask attaches under the throat: a small metal clip, or velcro. (The velcro provides a slightly neater look and a small amount of adjustability, but can get a bit manky with hair and bedding when in everyday use.  The clip version has the advantage for travelling that it's quick to get on & off).

    Stocked in black with velcro or clip attachments in medium (cob), large (full) and XL sizes (if in doubt about size go for the larger one). Other sizes (XS, S) and out of stock products are available to order with a 2-3 week lead-time - please note that S and XS sizes are special order and therefore not returnable.

    For more detailed guidance on sizing see this page  

    Tester options:

    As with many products we selll, we offer a "tester" service. Rather than ordering a new mask via this page, you can order a used "Tester" Liquid Titanium mask to try out before committing to buy: See the Fenwick testers product in "Related items" below or follow this link for details and to order: Fenwick testers 

    Note on Liquid Titanium:  

    Liquid Titanium fabric is proven to generate warmth and boost circulation, making it an ideal therapeutic covering. See the pictures below showing heat-maps of a horse before and after 30mins' wearing of a Liquid Titanium sheet.Before                                                                        

    After 30 mins.' wear

    For more information on Liquid Titanium click on the "More about Liquid Titanium" link below.


    “We can personally vouch for these hoods! We’ve started using the masks on some of our stressy travellers and other than also cutting down the noise they definitely seem calmer and happier with them. Makes all the difference when having to compete the same day. We also use the fly veil version under the bridle when riding, as other than the relaxing effect it is a lovely light breathable material…”
    Facebook post by Michael & Maria Eilberg (Eilberg Dressage)  


     More about Liquid Titanium  More reviews

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