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Winner's Circle all-natural autumn/winter dandy brush


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An all-natural stiff dandy brush, excellent for removing caked mud and dust from thick coats. Beautifully made with Union fibre of optimum length and density.     

Why we chose it:

  • Premium quality: US-made with resilient and durable Union fibre bristles that efficiently loosen mud and dust - no plastic!
  • Highly effective: Bristles carefully selected, cut to the optimum length, and contoured to do the job brilliantly!
  • Comfortable: Ergonomic Canadian maple handle incorporating finger grooves, designed to fit comfortably in your hand
  • Built to last: The American benchmark for quality in grooming brushes


"I must admit I used to think all grooming brushes were much of a muchness in quality till I received my Winner's Circle prize. These brushes are so much more effective at getting right into the coat which is invaluable at this time of year. They look to be very well made so I expect I'll be using them for a long time. I'll never buy a cheap plasticky Dandy brush again".
Unsolicited review from J Milton, winner of Winner's Circle dandy brushes in an Equitrader competition


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