About TSF Girths & stirrup leathers


Based in California, Total Saddle Fit are a high-quality designer and manufacturer dedicated to utilising their expertise in saddlery and horse anatomy to achieve an optimal interaction between saddle, girth, horse and rider.


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What makes them special
The TSF Shoulder Relief Girth has acquired a top-level reputation in the US, particularly among competition riders.  Their anatomical cut is their obvious feature, helping position the saddle well back from the shoulders and ensuring the girth doesn't interfere with the elbows. Their careful design also incorporates a number of other features - such as their soft under-padding, superb flexibility, and built-in elastic - designed to maximise their effectiveness and their comfort for the horse. They use top-quality English leather with stainless steel buckles which will last and last.

The diagrams below explain the principles on which the Shoulder Relief Girth works. See also this link to Total Saddle Fit's website 






The Girth range

The Shoulder Relief Girth comes in short/dressage versions in even sizes 18-34in, and long/jump versions sizes 40-58in. Both come in black or nut, the colours are a perfect match for the black and nut colours of our Silver Crown bridles.

In addition TSF have introduced their innovative Stretchtec girth with elastic in the belly area.  This helps the girth conform to the horse's shape, and adds further stretch for breathing comfort.  The Stretchtecs come with a leather liner but optional neoprene or black fleece liners are available which can be easily exchanged via velcro attachment. Short/dressage Stretchtecs come in black, nut and dark brown, the long/jump version comes in mid-brown only.

We also sell TSF's Western Cinch which extends their technology into Western riding: these also have velcro-attached exchangeable liners.  


Stability leathers

We now sell TSF's innovative Stability wide stirrup leathers. These have a wide section that sits on the saddle, adding significantly to leg stability vs. traditional leathers.  They come in two versions - the classic wide stability stirrup leathers, and the Slim version - a Webbers-style leather that eliminates the loop back up to the saddle of traditional leathers, providing a slimmer, simpler look and feel.  Hugely popular, they need to be tried to be believed.  


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