Build your own Silver Crown bridle


Design and build your own Silver Crown bridle here!

Choose your colour and size, then choose from among Silver Crown's "mix & match" range of headpieces, nosebands and (if required) reins. Click "Build my bridle" and the selected items will be added to the cart.

For further information on the various options shown, please go to our 'Bridle parts & reins' section which shows all the individual components. The components can also be ordered individually from that section.

We strongly encourage you to consult our Silver Crown sizing and fit guide (see the link below) in choosing your sizing, headpiece style, etc. and to contact us for further advice. We have far more experience than any other UK retailer in fitting Silver Crown bridles, and can advise on the best choices given your horse's head shape and other particular circumstances and needs.   


"I really like the padded headpiece and noseband on this bridle... A plus point is that all the straps, including the throatlash can be altered on both sides, enabling you to achieve a nice fit. The leather is lovely and supple, making the buckles easy to do up"
Julia Cons, Tried & Tested review in Horse, August 2013


Browband options:
All cob/full size headpieces come by default with the standard browband, but are also available with a Lexington version (see third product image). Please indicate any preference for the Lexington version using the box for special order details on the basket page when checking out, and we'll substitute this if available.

Pony/cob headpieces (Comporta only) come only with the Lexington browband

Sizing & fit guide