Silver Crown Spider noseband


Innovative noseband design with a similar action to a grackle but with the addition of a cavesson that adds stability and enables the noseband to remain effective while done up more loosely.  

BSJ legal, but not legal for Dressage.  Forms a complete bridle in combination with any Silver Crown headpiece  

Why we chose it:

  • Top quality: Superbly crafted with J.E. Sedgewicks English leather and stainless steel fittings
  • Innovative: Unique Silver Crown-created design that provides freedom in the jaw on looser settings while still discouraging crossing 
    For more complete information about Silver Crown's bridle range, see the links below   

        "I have a Silver Crown bridle from Shadow Horse. Its the best bridle I have ever come across"
        "Wench" on the Horse & Hound forum

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