Silver Crown "Switch" noseband with sheepskin-lined cavesson


New, innovative noseband design that allows conversion between three different designs: exclusive to Silver Crown.

Noseband has common side elements, to which can be attached three different fronts:

  • Sheepskin-lined cavesson (this product)
  • Patent leather cavesson (see second product image) 
  • "Beetle" flash cavesson (see third product image)

To order one of the other styles see "Related Products" below. In addition, other front sections (or the common side pieces) can be ordered on their own - see the Switch noseband parts product shown under "Related products".

Comes in cob/full size only. Forms a complete bridle in combination with any Silver Crown headpiece. Dressage legal  

Why we chose it:

  • Top quality: Superbly crafted with J.E. Sedgewicks English leather and stainless steel fittings
  • Flexible design: Provides three different noseband options allowing rapid changeover between horses or disciplines 

Product images: First three photos show the three variations of the noseband, fourth product photo illustrates the Switch arrangement with the common sides and a particular (patent cavesson) front. 

"The bridles I have received are just beautiful and the quality is just amazing. I would like to place another order....."
S.S.A., overseas on-line customer

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