Braideez plaiting wire party pack

Contents: 50 wire pack

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Large pack of multicoloured plaiting wire: ideal for Pony Club meets, etc.

Why we chose it 

  • Makes braiding simple!
  • Easy to put in, stays in
  • Shape braids by hand
  • Easy, fast removal
  • Reuseable

Pack contains 50 multicoloured braiding wires 80cm long (can often be cut in half for use).


"Fabulous product and a must-have item in the grooming boxes from now on ... thank you, Braideez"
Val Williams, independent tester for Farm & Equine Magazine (for full review see product images)


Instructions for use

Download simple usage instructions (also included in the pack). Or view the Braideez video below

Find instructions & videos for more advanced plaits on Braideez website


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