Sore No-More (SNM) Performance Liniment, spray bottle

Size: 470 ml

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The "go-to" product among US equestrians for help with horses with sore muscles, swelling or inflammation

Why we chose it:

  • Highly effective: Used by the US Olympic Equestrian squad since 1996
  • All natural: A blend of arnica and other herbs in a witch hazel base
  • Free of banned substances: Contains NO lobelia, capsaicin or any other substances on the FEI banned substances list (but see * below)
  • Versatile: Can be used under bandages, with ice or heat packs, or with magnetic or ceramic therapy equipment 


"Sore No More is an effective, herbal based product which I have used with great success on my own horses. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to my clients and friends".
Krystyna Monks, Equine Craniosacral and Bowen Therapist


The liniment form comes as a liquid designed to be sprayed or rubbed on.  Comes complete with a spray cap.

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* FEI banned substances: SNM Performance liniment contains lavender which, while not explicitly on the FEI banned substances list, can have similar effects to some banned substances. While SNM Performance is unlikely to affect test results when applied topically, to be safe we recommend switching to SNM Ultra Performance products in the week or so before FEI rule-based competitions. In the Ultra products ginger has been substituted for lavender.

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